Tree Maintenance and Care Tips

Maintaining the trees in your yard requires some effort, however many homeowners go overboard trying to care for their trees. This can result in significant problems for your trees. Our expert staff has compiled the answers to some of the most common tree care questions. These tips, from our Shelby NC tree service team, can help keep your tree healthy and your landscaping looking great.

Tree Care Tips | Shelby NC Tree Service

The most important thing to know about applying fertilizer is that no fertilizer should be applied to your tree within eight weeks of frost. Applying fertilizer too late may not allow the wood of the tree to harden properly and can cause your tree to suffer freeze damage. When it comes to choosing a fertilizer for your tree, choose a fertilizer that has roughly equal quantities of major nutrients, like a 10-10-10 fertilizer. Only apply fertilizer once your tree has exhibited active growth. All danger of spring frost must be passed before fertilizer can be applied.

The key to watering well is to water less frequently and more deeply. By doing this, you encourage the roots of your tree to grow deeper. Deeper roots mean a better drought tolerance for your tree as well as improved anchorage in the soil. As a general rule, water one once per week during the first growing season your tree is in the ground. After the first year two inches every other week is good. Increase your interval to three inches every three weeks in year three. In year four you should begin to water four inches once a month as needed. The best and easiest way to water your tree is through the use of an adjustable hose-end sprinkler. This sprinkler should be set in a circular pattern. Allow the top six inches of soil to dry between waterings.

Beyond looking pretty in your yard, putting mulch around the base of your tree can help slowly improve the soil around your tree as well as help keep the roots of your tree cool in the summer and keep the soil moist. Mulch slowly breaks down over time and provides nutrients that the topsoil around your tree needs.

Protecting newly planted trees from wind damage is crucial. Staking young trees with a sturdy wooden stake is the best way to keep them from blowing over during a strong storm. Putting the stake on either side of the trunk about 12 inches away is usually enough. Use rubberized tree ties to keep from harming the bark on your developing tree.

Pests and Disease
Regardless of what type of tree you have, or the age of your tree, pests and disease are two significant threats to the health and well-being of your tree. While some pests and diseases are easy to see, others are not as easily detected. A healthy tree is better able to fight off infestations and diseases than a tree that is stressed for water or that is planted in a bad quality soil. Spraying pesticides on your tree may seem like the best solution, but many pests don't respond to the same type of insecticide so getting a tree professional from M & M Total Tree Service to inspect your tree and give you options is your best bet.

Want to know more about caring for the trees on your property? Call M & M Total Tree Service today and see how we can help you keep your trees healthy!

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