Tree Care and Prep Tips for Winter

Caring for your landscape does not simply come to an end when the temperatures plunge and icy, freezing, snowy weather sets in. Many homeowners falsely believe that the winter is a time to hibernate from yard work, but nothing can be further from the truth. Fluctuations in temperatures and winter storms will cause stress on trees.

Winter Tree Care Tips and More | Charlotte Tree Removal

Trees that are part of a residential landscape, such as your home, are more exposed to these stresses. Some of this stress is not avoidable, but there are some things you as a homeowner can do to keep the damage to a minimum. This post will offer tree care and prep tips for winter weather.

Cold Stress Can Result in a Need for Charlotte Tree Removal Services

Cold stress occurs when the temperatures during the daytime are warm and the night time temperatures rapidly become colder. If the temperatures are dropping to freezing this can lead to stresses in the tree. This will happen in the tree's outer bark between it and the inner wood. Cracks will form. This is called frost cracking. There is not a lot you can do to prevent frost cracking. Most of the time the tree is able to heal itself. The problem is that the cracked areas become vulnerable and, if the cracking happens repeatedly, major damage can occur. Some companies offer cold weather tree blankets and products that can be applied to the tree to reduce moisture.

Cold stress can also happen when there is a sudden early frost on late growth. These late season growths do not have a chance to get established and the sudden frost will cause die off in the spring. One good way to prevent this from happening is to avoid pruning your trees until they have gone completely dormant in the fall. If trees are pruned too soon this can stimulate new growth. This will increase the chances of frost damage to the tree. Another tip is to not fertilize with quick release nitrogen fertilizers. Trees need fertilizing in the fall but you need to be sure you use the right one.

Winter Drought

Homeowners often make the mistake of thinking that drought is a summertime problem. The truth is that this becomes a winter problem when the ground remains frozen for a long period of time. Trees cannot absorb enough water so they become dried out. Evergreens are particularly susceptible to this. If it is windy this can cause the problem to become worse. To help your trees, make sure you put down a thick layer of some good organic mulch around the base of your trees in the late fall before the winter weather sets in. Mulching the trees will prevent as much water runoff as possible so your trees can stay healthier. It will also help keep the roots warmer as the temperatures get colder.

Charlotte Tree Removal

Taking the time to properly get your trees ready for the winter chill will keep them as healthy as possible. Be sure to check our next post for more winter tree care tips. If you do not have a good working knowledge about the trees you have on your acreage you will need the help of a professional. M & M Total Tree Service can offer you Charlotte tree removal, trimming and all the help you will need when it comes to trees. We specialize in everything tree so give us a call or check out our website today! We offer free estimates and we are affordable.

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