More Tree Care and Prep Tips for Winter

Last time we began the discussion about tree care tips and prepping for the winter months. Your trees cannot dress in a winter coat, hat, and gloves to keep from getting too cold, but there are some things you can do to keep them healthy. From Gastonia tree trimming, removal and more, the following is a winter checklist for getting your trees ready for the coming winter temperatures.

Tree Care For Winter | Gastonia Tree Trimming

  • One of the best tips is to add only trees that are species native to your area. This means checking your zone's hardiness level. All trees have one and your nursery or garden center should be able to help you with any questions you have. If you do not follow this advice you may lose trees that are stressed in colder temperatures.
  • Keep your trees well maintained all year long. This requires Gastonia tree trimming services. Doing so will ensure that your trees are as healthy as they can be and will not grow weak and susceptible to damage.
  • Always do a thorough check of your trees in the early spring. If you see damage take the steps necessary to promptly treat the tree.
  • When preparing for the winter months, do not prune your trees until they are totally dormant so that new growth does not begin at the wrong time of the year.
  • Always apply a good fertilizer for fall that promotes root growth but not leaf growth.
  • Apply a good thick layer of organic mulch around the base of the trees. This will help them retain moisture and keep the roots from freezing.
  • Rodents are a big problem this time of the year. They will burrow and gnaw and can cause harm to your trees. They are looking for food. Mice and rabbits are the biggest problem. To keep mice at bay leave a space around the perimeter between the mulch and the tree. Check frequently for them. If they are a problem you may need to set out bait. Rabbits can be repelled by wire mesh enclosures. There are also paint on types of repellents at your local garden center as well.
  • Stabilize any of your trees that need to be protected, especially during the coming winter storms. Cabling and bracing will protect them, and your home, by keeping branches from flying during a storm.
  • When there has been a winter storm, especially an ice storm, be careful to not shake the branches. It is important if you have drooping or bending branches or trees to allow them to thaw. Otherwise, you can cause breakage and damage.

Taking the time to properly prepare your trees for the winter weather will ensure that they emerge in the spring as healthy as they can be. When it comes to Gastonia tree trimming and pruning or cabling your trees, consult the experts. They are the professionals and can inspect your trees to make certain they are not hazardous.

M & M Total Tree Service

If you find yourself in the midst of a landscape change around your home give M & M Total Tree Service a call. We can offer you advice about your current trees and help you decide what might work better for you and your situation. We know the proper hardiness zones for your area. If you find a tree that needs to be removed we can also take care of this job for you quickly and efficiently. Call us today!





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