Best Types of Dwarf Trees

Welcome back to our continuing series on dwarf trees. In our previous post, our Gastonia tree service team listed some of the pros and cons of having dwarf trees in your yard. One of the most notable benefits of dwarf trees is their small requirement for space. Not only do these little trees fit better in the…
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Dwarf Trees

Do you have a small space in your yard that just needs a little something? Many homeowners choose to fill in those spaces with dwarf trees. There are many varieties of dwarf trees available. While they may not get as large as their full-sized counterparts, the list of their advantages more than makes up for what…
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Interesting Facts About the Mimosa Tree

Mimosa trees include 400 plus species of plants and shrubs. A strikingly unique tree, the mimosa also boasts some rather interesting facts. This post will look at these facts and offer other tidbits of knowledge about this tree. Mimosa Tree Facts | Charlotte Tree Trimming Two of these have a distinct characteristic that makes them popular.…
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Types of Mimosa Trees

Welcome back. We are here to talk about the different types of mimosa trees. In our last blog, we offered information about the species and a history of the tree. Types of Mimosa Trees | Kings Mountain NC Tree Service As we mentioned in our previous blog, mimosa trees are known for their popular flowers.…
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