More Tree Care and Prep Tips for Winter

Last time we began the discussion about tree care tips and prepping for the winter months. Your trees cannot dress in a winter coat, hat, and gloves to keep from getting too cold, but there are some things you can do to keep them healthy. From Gastonia tree trimming, removal and more, the following is a…
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Tree Care and Prep Tips for Winter

Caring for your landscape does not simply come to an end when the temperatures plunge and icy, freezing, snowy weather sets in. Many homeowners falsely believe that the winter is a time to hibernate from yard work, but nothing can be further from the truth. Fluctuations in temperatures and winter storms will cause stress on…
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Best Shade Trees for Small Yards

Adding a tree to your small yard may seem like a challenge. However, there are many great varieties of trees that provide cool shade and are able to fit within a smaller footprint. When choosing a tree and where to plant it be sure to consider the proximity to buildings, driveways, fences, and utility lines. When in doubt…
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Tree Maintenance and Care Tips

Maintaining the trees in your yard requires some effort, however many homeowners go overboard trying to care for their trees. This can result in significant problems for your trees. Our expert staff has compiled the answers to some of the most common tree care questions. These tips, from our Shelby NC tree service team, can…
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